Morton Archaeological Research Services Projects

Water and Sewer Projects

Morton Archaeological Services Field Projects

Morton Archaeological Research Services has successfully completed 15 water and sewer projects in the past 6 year across New York State.  Completed project include all phases of Section 106 Consultation, from initial project submissions through monitoring at construction.  Additionally we have completed more than 50 projects in the last ten years for other Agencies (including NYSERDA, SUCF, NYSTA, NYSDEC, OPRHP Parks, US Fish & Wildlife), municipalities, school districts, and private clients).

Recent Projects

City of Utica Proposed Sewer Separation Project, Phases A1-A8, Oneida County

The City of Utica Sewer Separation Project is an eight phase, multi-year project involving approximately 10 miles of pipeline in the City of Utica.  MARS background assessment identified areas of disturbance and narrowed down sections where monitoring has been necessary. Our flexibility and close co-operation have been a key factor in this complex and changing project.

Route 12F Sewer System Evaluation Project, Town of Hounsfield, Jefferson County

The Route 12F Sewer Evaluation project proposes approximately 45,000 lft. of new sewer in the Town of Hounsfield.  Most of the area is archaeological sensitive for both prehistoric and historic sites. MARS background assessment has provided a detailed plan of areas that will and will not require archaeological work, to aid the development of the final alignment.

Village of Bath Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements Project, Steuben County

The Village of Bath WWTP Improvement Project is a substantial upgrade to the existing facility, adding approximately eight additional waste processing structures plus utilities improvements.  MARS background research and consultation process with the OPRHP reduced the scope of field investigations in this archaeologically sensitive area, and moved the project forward in a timely fashion.